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Talent is power. Hire right.

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Talent is power, so hire right

Agility and innovation are the engines that power the race for skilled human capital. Whether you’ve got 30 people in one office, or 30,000 people spanning three continents, talent acquisition should move with the pace of your business.

So, do you require an RPO solution at the departmental level, or a wider organisational strategy? Are you looking for growth, or heading towards an acquisition?

Let's talk talent.

Keep calm and carry on: truly flexible talent delivery

Creating custom solutions for complex recruitment challenges? No problem. Your dedicated team will respond nimbly to the ebb and flow of your business with a 'keep calm and carry on' mindset.

Transcend the logistical challenges and communication barriers that would otherwise stunt business growth.

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Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Reveals Top RPO Providers

Hudson RPO has ranked among HRO Today magazine’s Baker’s Dozen list of top enterprise recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers the 12th consecutive year.


A short-term hiring project

Short-term hiring challenges distract you from longer-term priorities. They can harm the business and tarnish your image.

Yet, an RPO project lets you sprint through hiring hurdles. Achievable in as little as two weeks, RPO projects also let you test-drive RPO in trial mode.


The candidate-led market

Gone are the days, if ever they existed, when one could simply post an advert and receive a stream of brilliant candidates applying.

The process of hiring has become intensely competitive, fraught with frustration for the hiring manager who misses the big picture.

To secure talent matches before competitors do, your talent partner should harness right-fit technology.


Your competitive advantage

You may well view your organisation as a great place to work, but do candidates share this perspective?

Paint your employer brand in vivid strokes. An appealing, accessible and authentic employee value proposition (EVP) is key to drawing top talent.

Trusted by top clients

“Thanks to the Hudson RPO partnership, our HR team has been freed up to concentrate on other business initiatives. Plus, the business benefits from a wider pool of candidates and a more consistent candidate experience.”

Justin Hooper, European HR Director
Sharp Electronics

“Hudson RPO has been our primary RPO vendor for 11 years. They are true partners who consistently meet or exceed our company hiring goals. In fact, our hiring metrics in Canada are outstanding compared to other GSK offices around the world.”

Marc Evans, Talent Acquisition Manager
GlaxoSmithKline Canada

“In business, the most critical decisions you make are around the people you hire. Hudson RPO's selection assessments are aligned to our desired competencies, allowing us to make informed decisions while minimising hiring mistakes.”

JoAnn Barnes, Human Resources Director

“Our NEAT evaluation found that Hudson RPO proactively demonstrates its commitment to clients by adapting and tailoring RPO services and technology and tools according to their individual needs.”

Nikki Edwards, Principal HR Analyst

People-focused careers

Are you up for the challenge of delivering game-changing talent? That's our style. So if it matches yours, get in touch.

Successful candidates enjoy a world-class suite of training courses and development opportunities. A flexible work environment and excellent benefits also await.

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