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Employee Training

Within the past year, 34% of staff have been promoted or made a lateral move into a new industry.

Training Opportunities at Hudson RPO

We want all employees to reach their full potential, and Hudson RPO’s culture of sales and leadership is designed to achieve this goal. To realize this philosophy, we provide learning opportunities for all employees at every level to develop their business and leadership skills. Our training includes online and offline learning opportunities as well as opportunities to learn and grow on the job. As Hudson RPO solutions flex up and down, our sourcers and recruiters may move accounts, learning a new industry, recruiting for different skills set and niches and learning how other organizations function—their communication and collaboration styles as well as the technologies and tools used different companies.

Formal training programs offered to Hudson RPO employees

HR 101 Training for Managers and Supervisors.
Training designed for account managers and supervisors who are working in different industries with varying levels of education and management experience. Consists of modules in

  • Best Practices in Hiring and Recruiting
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Discipline: What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know
  • Ending the Employment Relationship

360 Recruiter – advanced training for sourcers and recruiters
Certification program comprised of customized, role-based learning and learning paths to help you progress within Hudson RPO and become a true Talent Advisor to the business and your clients.

  • Methods that dramatically increase the quality and quantity of job applications using proven marketing techniques.
  • How to source ideal candidates from any database—your ATS, resume sites, LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Ways to communicate with passive talent that actually gets them to respond and progress forward for the role.
  • Strategies to partner with the business and provide real talent advisory services for hiring managers that elevates your role and achieves greater success for each requisition.

Business and soft skills training
Hudson RPO invests in an online training system where employees can polish their current skills and go on to develop a wider range of new ones. It includes

  • Courses designed to drive business while building employees’ skill
  • 1,400+ courses in three subject areas: Best Practices, Business Skills and Software Skills
  • Interactive participation modules for higher employee engagement
  • Anytime, anywhere online learning
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