Sarah George

Recruitment Manager London, UK

"My work has always placed me in a highly scientific and technical space, which I absolutely enjoy. But you also need to be able to relate to the person you're dealing with, in that moment, which calls for a deeply empathetic and adaptable approach."

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Louise Harris

Talent Acquisition Manager

"It's been a great experience for me, and has definitely developed me as a recruitment professional."

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Elizabeth Williams

Operations Director United Kingdom

"I feel very fortunate to have been provided with great career opportunities while working at Hudson RPO."

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Aniq Butt

Talent Sourcer United Kingdom

"I joined Hudson RPO with no experience in recruitment and sourcing. However, I managed to learn quite a lot during my time here and am still learning."

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Marta Jarzyna

Administration Team Lead United Kingdom

"I mentor the team and provide at-desk coaching, always looking for opportunities to support my team's development."

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Florian Bonnet

Sourcing Manager Edinburgh, UK

"One of my earliest achievements was being appointed team leader, which involved mentoring a team of eight colleagues. Since then, I’ve been become Sourcing Manager and help shape the strategic vision."

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