Florian Bonnet

Sourcing Manager Edinburgh, UK

One of Europe's top sourcers, Florian continues to inspire all of us at the Sourcing Centre of Excellence. Curiosity defines his style.

The go-to person for brilliant sourcing

Florian joined us as a sourcer in March of 2015. He first supported the clothing retailer Desigual, based in Barcelona. Florian now supports a range of clients and serves as Sourcing Manager within the Sourcing Centre of Excellence.

Most recently, he won first place in the pre-event sourcing competition for SOSU Europe, one of the industry’s largest sourcing summits. He’s also been named as one of the top 10 sourcers who will compete in the 2019 SourceCon Grandmaster challenge.

Hi Florian. Thanks for chatting with us. Would you like to start by sharing the reasons you got into recruiting?

After studying international business with an HR component, my passion for recruitment began while interning in Spain. I’m originally from France, but was keen to use my recruitment knowledge and language skills abroad.

How has your role changed during your tenure with Hudson RPO? 

One of my earliest achievements was being appointed team leader after a year, which involved mentoring a team of eight colleagues across a variety of roles and industries, certainly a challenge. Since then, I’ve moved into the role of Sourcing Manager. In this capacity, I help shape the strategic vision and provide account leadership to my fantastic colleagues.

You could say that I’ve become the go-to person when it comes to Hudson RPO sourcing!

What are your areas of expertise within the recruitment space?

Sourcing, technology, and automation: I enjoy training the team in how to use the right tools for more effective sourcing.

Curiosity and a passion for sourcing also drive me to find hidden candidates. These are the main qualities I look for when recruiting sourcers.

What have you learned while working here?

Flexibility and business attitude go hand in hand. Not everything is in black and white, so we need to be adaptable to deliver client satisfaction.

Since joining, have you been able to implement a new idea or method of working? 

I’ve been involved in developing the team’s sourcing techniques, and also creating apprenticeships and on-boarding experiences.

I’m currently working on gamification, which everyone on the team is very excited about.

Fabulous! And how does Hudson RPO differ from other employers?

The business is very flexible. If you work hard, you’ll go far. It’s a transparent organisation offering plenty of rewards. We’re very creative and diligent when it comes to finding the best strategy for our clients.

You’ll discover lots of career possibilities here. We also enjoy flexi-time and a relaxed environment. There’s a great deal of trust, respect, and fun.

Perhaps we’re saving the best for last, when we ask: what do you like best about working for Hudson RPO?

I love our diversity. I also enjoy the chance to travel for my job, to be autonomous, and to express myself. You are truly empowered, so if you want to roll out a solution, develop a project, or create an event, there’s always support.

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your story, Florian, and thanks for helping make Hudson RPO a fantastic place to be.

My pleasure. If you’re interested in joining our sourcing team, or another part of the business, please feel free to connect with me, Florian Bonnet, on LinkedIn.