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Thought leadership

Whitepapers, research, and more: fuel your talent brain power

Stay competitive with top tips from the talent playbook

Talent acquisition strategies constantly evolve. Keep yourself in the race by exploring essential innovations and trends affecting the talent space.

Browse a library of research and whitepapers to understand the intersection of recruitment, sourcing, technology, and more. You can also dip into the talent blog for bite-sized insights, or discover how other organisations are designing success with RPO and talent case studies.

The Future of Work – A Paradigm Shift

This whitepaper examines what future workplaces, employees and leaders look like. We’ve surveyed 100 HR leaders across EMEA, spoken to leading HR professionals about the key challenges facing their businesses, and asked leading academics and authors for their take on how the future of work is shaping up post-pandemic.

AI, recruitment, and the essential role of sourcers

With the proper alignment, AI and human talent can help you find the strongest candidates in your field. The right approach enables you to attract leaders and niche talent.

But what are the key considerations for integrating AI into your talent acquisition processes? Our global sourcing leaders reveal which strategies work — and which to avoid.

people on stairs

The great generational shift

From Boomers to Gen Z, an in-depth look at the changing nature of workplaces and guidance on how individuals and organisations can address multigenerational challenges.

employer brand

Are candidates getting the message about your employer brand?

Hudson RPO and HRO Today magazine surveyed senior-level HR executives on employer branding strategy and practices. The result: our Employer Brand Guide, which analyses practices that distinguish top employer brands from the rest.

hiring for high growth thinking employee

Hiring for high growth

Experiencing a growth spurt? The right talent is critical for driving an organisation through high-growth transformation, yet 77% of HR leaders rank the "ability to attract, train and retain talent" as a top challenge. Learn to address typical high-growth talent issues.

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Enhancing quality of hire

What is a quality hire anyway? How is it measured? The Hiring for Success report (co-published by Hudson RPO and HRO Today) defines quality in the workplace, the benefits of measuring quality of hire, the challenges of collecting data, and how to improve hiring processes.

workforce planning

You can’t afford to ignore workforce planning

60% of HR professionals say their workforce planning process is "weak," so we've created a step-by-step guide to help you to build, implement, and evaluate strategic workforce planning at your organisation.

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