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Manufacturing and engineering

There's no need to over-engineer a smart talent strategy

Manufacture great talent with an embedded partnership

Complex acronyms, technical job descriptions, and complicated educational requirements for specific roles: it’s no wonder that hiring success in the manufacturing and engineering space requires a deep knowledge base, not to mention industry expertise.

Having recruiters that truly understand a manufacturing business can be hard to come by. Yet our specialist recruiters walk the manufacturing floor, visit remote processing sites, and tour client properties to witness firsthand the candidate environment.

These insights fuel our focus on attracting the most suitable candidates. They also enrich our conversations and relationships with candidates.

Whether working on manufacturing or engineering requirements, our specialist recruiters understand the skills you seek.

You'll also gain a deeper understanding of your organisation's competitive landscape. These insights can help shape a strong employer value proposition to attract engineering and manufacturing candidates.

Above all, our recruiters are passionate about serving an industry that continues to innovate. That's precisely what you need in someone who creates the unforgettable first impression of your workplace.

Talent under construction

An industry leader in construction machinery and equipment, Caterpillar rely on key manufacturing talent throughout EMEA.

They sought a bespoke sliding scale transaction model to accommodate fluctuating recruitment volumes.

Our sourcers stepped up, uncovering niche talent across the region. In one year, Caterpillar’s EMEA hiring was soon poised to double.

Caterpillar machinery on site

Manufacturing and engineering RPO in real life

end to end red

End-to-end RPO

As the end-to-end RPO provider for BASF Australia, we deliver more than 200 hires per year. We've reduced time-to-fill from 90 days to 28 days and increased direct hires from 50 per cent to 97 per cent.


Diversity and inclusion

Our onsite team regularly champion diversity initiatives. For example, we've increased the number of female candidates being interviewed for traditionally male-dominated roles. We also partner with the business to deliver a graduate programme.

end to end red

End-to-end RPO

Working with the world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements, we delivered an end-to-end RPO solution across the Asia-Pacific region. We hired engineers, chemists, technical roles, and water treatment specialists.

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