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Medical device technology

Great talent can radically improve quality of life

Bring life-enhancing technology to market, faster

The world depends on you to innovate medical devices that improve and even save life.

You can depend on us to scale the teams who make this possible.

With a Hudson RPO partnership, you'll be supported by talent specialists who focus on medical device recruitment. Across the global team, many of our medical device talent specialists possess medical device and/or life sciences experience.

Whether your workforce strategy includes hiring scientists, manufacturing talent, sales representatives, or any other critical role within the medical device space, we'll help your hiring managers overcome the challenges of fierce talent competition and widespread skills shortages.

Break through the talent challenges of the medical device market

We understand your competitive landscape at local, regional, and market levels. As experienced recruiters and sourcers, we're well-versed in the key skills and attributes needed for a candidate to succeed in the medical device field. Your account team understands how to drive recruitment across production, quality, logistics, distribution, research and development, as well as sales and marketing. We're also equipped to help you respond rapidly to market disruptions. Even on short notice, we can identify top candidates to help you manage major challenges, including supply chain issues, regulatory affairs matters, and other reactive situations. You'll get urgent support to fill roles across the life cycle of medical device technology, including talent focused on:
  • Diabetes
  • Neurology
  • Diagnostics
  • Sports medicine
  • Surgical, and more
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Medical device sales

The competitive nature of medical device sales positions can sometimes lead to industry-side candidate shortages.

When that happens, we can leverage additional networks.

Our recruiters can access high-caliber candidates from the best feeder industries, including pharmaceuticals and life sciences, plus engineering and technology. These elite candidates have experience in organisations with similarly high standards, complexity, and training.

Medical device RPO in real life

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End-to-end RPO

We provide end-to-end recruitment for a global medical device leader. In this capacity, we’ve reduced time-to-fill by more than 40 per cent, and saved the company millions of pounds in recruitment agency spend.

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On-demand recruitment

A world-renowned Japanese medical device manufacturer leveraged Hudson RPO’s on-demand recruitment services. We undertook sourcing and recruiting to handle recruitment overflow across a mix of roles in medical technology.


Diversity and inclusion

We created a diversity-and-inclusion programme to improve the experience of female and minority candidates. This has now become a standard feature of their hiring process, matching great people to key roles in medical technology.

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Employer branding

A medical device company was struggling to fill machinist and sales roles in a key city. After analysing the market, we provided actionable recommendations for senior leadership to successfully attract highly qualified candidates to these roles.

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