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You can't talk tech without a human voice

Knowledgeable talent solutions for the tech industry

Does your recruiting partner know the difference between .NET, C++, and Java? What about the nuances that distinguish programme managers from project managers? And are your recruiters making the most of social media to identify top IT candidates?

Technology is a fast-paced, specialised industry. It's constantly evolving, with top talent quite often in short supply. Today, areas like big data and analytics are hot. Tomorrow it will be something else. No wonder companies are hard-pressed to keep up with evolving technology needs.

You don’t want just any candidate. You need candidates with the right skills and cultural fit for your organisation. We provide flexible recruiting solutions to fit your precise need.

Partner with someone who can represent your employer brand with an authentic and truly knowledgeable voice.

Technology RPO in real life

end to end red

End-to-end RPO

We provide a dedicated technology recruiter as part of a global, end-to-end RPO solution for an international financial services group with 14,000 employees in 25 countries.

sourcing red

Active talent sourcing

A top client required elusive Hadoop and Python developers. We built a 150-candidate talent pool, including communications and predictive analytics. The result: hiring outcomes doubled..

on demand recruiting red

On-demand recruitment

A software engineering firm needed great talent, fast. In response, we used passive candidate talent pooling to improve hiring results by 60 per cent in 90 days.


rpo projects red

RPO projects

A financial services advisor struggled to fill critical technology and financial modeling roles for its Fortune 1000 clients. We deployed a solution in three weeks and tripled their hiring.

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