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Belgium Recruitment Solutions



What's your talent acquisition strategy?

Whether you're already operating in Belgium or looking to expand your business here, our locally based talent experts thrive in matching your organisation with the best candidates from across Belgium and beyond.

Our consultants understand what it takes to succeed in Belgium’s key markets, including biotech, engineering, logistics, and pharmaceuticals.

For employers who don't yet have a local talent partner, the mix of languages spoken in different regions of Belgium can sometimes present a challenge to finding the right candidate. Dutch is spoken largely in Antwerp, for example, while French is spoken largely throughout Brussels and in Wallonia.

Don’t worry, we speak these languages and more. You'll also benefit from our skilled talent sourcing specialists, who use the right combination of languages and sourcing tech to help you find great talent. Ready to unlock your recruitment strategy? Contact us to talk through your options for a recruitment solution.

To bring you the most compatible talent, our Belgium-based team employs localised search techniques. Candidates who make the shortlist offer the right mix of skills (linguistic and professional), and the necessary aptitude to add value to your organisation.

Hyper-local search capability is just one part of our talent discovery toolkit.

Based on your requirements, a custom recruitment solution can be designed to help your organisation compete within the Belgian employer market. To distinguish your organisation from other employers, we can also advise you on employer branding and ways to improve your candidate experience.

We’re committed to helping businesses drive growth in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Liège, and regional business centres  across Belgium.

Benefit from local and regional guidance on how the talent market is shifting within Belgium and beyond. Discover the right talent strategy for your organisation by exploring a short-term talent project, flexible talent support via an MSP solution, or full-service custom RPO.

Is your team preparing for an expansion into Belgium? Partner with us to gain a deeper understanding of Belgium’s unique hiring environment.

Our employer branding experts can help position your organisation as an employer of choice. We can also source strategically to help you attract and retain key talent.

Case study from Belgium: recruiting talent for Toyota

Toyota logo Hudson RPO partnerToyota partners with us to manage 250 permanent hires per year in Belgium. This includes permanent professional hiring, graduates, early careers, and interns.

When Toyota needed the solution to launch two months ahead of schedule, two of our recruiters were seconded to be based onsite with Toyota. We implemented the critical components of the solution within just three weeks.

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