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France Recruitment Solutions

What is your talent strategy?

You may know that France has a very active employment market, with high levels of skilled candidate shortages.

But here’s the thing: it’s almost impossible to recruit in France when you don’t speak French. After all, many French candidates don’t speak a second language.

As French recruiters and sourcers, we can tell you that it's easier to build rapport with French candidates when you share a similar background, including language. Because we possess a deep understanding of French culture and recruitment practices, we're uniquely poised to build great relationships.

Are you ready to connect to the French candidate market?

We can help you with the most critical piece: matching the right candidate to the right role, at the right time and cost.

Expanding into France?

France offers world-leading working conditions.

Many employers offer vouchers for restaurants, holidays and Christmas. French employers are also known for offering 13th and 14th month salary bonuses (extra payments made in June and December).

You must be prepared to navigate complex employment legislation, but we can help you at each critical step.


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