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Germany Recruitment Solutions

What is your biggest recruitment challenge in the German market?

For many employers, it's the realisation that recruitment processes in Germany often take longer than they do in similar regional markets.

This means that recruiters need to actively keep candidates interested and motivated, even though months may pass before an offer is confirmed.

Despite this challenge, German candidates tend to be very switched on throughout the entire process. From the start, these candidates regularly seek as much detail as possible about their prospective employers. They usually research an organisation very closely before the first call.

What does this mean for employers here?

At the core, your recruitment partner needs to be highly knowledgeable about your market position and offering. Your organisation's value and brand positioning must always be clearly articulated in order to attract the best of the best candidates.

Does your partner's recruitment technology match the challenges of this market?

Here's an example: German candidates highly value the place where they live, and often prefer to avoid relocation or extensive travel. Nonetheless, you still need top talent to fill your roles. We navigate that cultural attribute by using sophisticated market intelligence tools to enable highly localised candidate profiling and analysis.

Tech plays a key role in targeted recruitment for the German market. But people make the ultimate difference.

Our native German speakers support English-speaking companies recruiting international roles in Germany. Our sourcers and recruiters also work on German roles which are geared towards German natives.

In Germany, Xing is king

Rather than LinkedIn, many people in Germany use Xing.

Xing is known for its protection of personal data: a normal account grants access to just 10 profiles. Results are based on personal profile settings and data — not great for sourcing. As a solution, we use Google X-Ray Search, which provides better access to highly relevant candidates.

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