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South Africa

Domestic and international recruitment in South Africa

International recruitment agencies in South Africa don't always offer what you need, particularly if it's a partnership you seek.

Are you an international company at the start of developing your presence in South Africa? Perhaps you're already based in South Africa, but looking to expand into global markets?

When you're looking to recruit top talent, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provides flexibility and stability, in a cost-effective model.

Partner with us, and you’ll discover a suite of high-touch service offerings, including end-to-end RPO, project RPO, managed services, sourcing, employer branding, recruitment technology, and talent consultancy.

Our multilingual recruitment specialists can help connect your opportunities with highly skilled candidates from different backgrounds, including domestic and global.

From experience, our consultants understand what it takes to succeed in South Africa’s key markets, including technology, mining, manufacturing, and financial services.

We’re committed to driving growth for businesses in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, East London, and regional business centres across South Africa.

So, do you require an RPO solution at the departmental level, or a wider organisational strategy? Are you looking for growth, or heading towards an acquisition? We can help.

Caterpillar in South Africa

Known worldwide for their powerful construction machinery and equipment, Caterpillar depend on key manufacturing talent within Africa and the Middle East.

We supply a full-time talent sourcer from the Centre of Excellence to recruit talent in Senegal and South Africa. Learn more about how we support Caterpillar's hiring needs in South Africa.

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