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Discover how you can become a top employer in Spain

Following the financial crisis, many senior-level candidates left Spain to pursue opportunities abroad. For employers today, this means that securing highly experienced candidates for roles in Spain can prove a massive challenge.

A local talent partner who understands the Spanish market, as well as the regional landscape, can help you overcome this challenge.

Does your compensation package stack up against the market? That's obviously an important question when it comes to talent acquisition, but it's especially so in Spain, where some of the most talented people, who are now working abroad, will be comparing your offer with the standards of their expat experience.

Does your organisational culture embrace the values of your target candidates? Make the connection with a great employer value proposition.

Spain is a beautiful country in which to live and work. Choose a partner who can help ensure your talent strategy shares these sunny aspects.

Expanding into Spain?

Partner with us to gain a deeper understanding of Spain's unique hiring environment.

Our employer branding experts can help position your organisation as an employer of choice. We can also source strategically to help you attract and retain key talent.


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