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Beautiful, clean, safe: unlock the Swiss talent market

Low unemployment and high salaries make Switzerland an attractive place to do business. Those of us who already work here can testify that Switzerland offers a beautiful, clean, and safe setting for candidates to excel and organisations to innovate.

Switzerland's dynamic talent market is richly international. Candidates who hold work permits are highly engaged and motivated. They tend to be well-educated and skilled.

Competition for the best candidates — domestic or international — is fierce, and salary expectations can be high. Of course, this also reflects the high cost of living in Switzerland. But with those realities in mind, how can you snag the best and brightest, and in the process, distinguish your brand from other employers in Switzerland?

To answer that question, let's consider one of the biggest employment sectors in Switzerland: finance.

The financial services space is especially crowded here. It's a highly regulated sector, and historically has often been associated with rigid working environments. Offering flexible working hours and/or a casual dress code can help distinguish your organisation as a preferred employer.

You can also stand out with a candidate-friendly application process. Automating some stages can drive efficiency and enable deeper personal engagement at key touch points.

We also recommend you look beyond the active candidate market to discover hidden talent gems in the passive category — a valuable approach that Swiss employers sometimes fail to fully exploit.

Ranking first in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), Swiss employers are great at retaining top talent. So if you want to compete for the best candidates, you must be serious about it, and both creative and welcoming in your strategy.

From a simple talent project to full-scale RPO, we can help you unlock the most compelling talent strategy for your organisational challenges and aspirations. Discover how, today.

Expanding into Switzerland

An experienced partnership can guide your organisation through this transition.

Our talent acquisition specialists understand Switzerland's unique hiring landscape across sectors.

We position your company as an employer of choice and source strategically so you draw and retain key talent.


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