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FMCG and consumer goods

Wings of talent send products flying off the shelves

FMCG doesn't slow down. Why should your recruitment?*

By its nature, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is complex, competitive, and extremely innovative.

At Hudson RPO, our recruiters understand the trends of the wider consumer goods marketplace. Our sourcers and recruiters, who offer firsthand experience in this space, can empower you to attract topflight candidates.

*Except sometimes, it should. And when that's the case, we'll pull back, so that you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Have your recruiters ever walked the manufacturing floor?

Do they know the difference between injection moulding versus an IT clean room?

Can they talk quantity purchase schemes, vs value purchase schemes?

Hudson RPO recruiters aren't tied to our desks. We've walked the manufacturing floor and monitored the production line. We understand the ins and outs of stock management and procurement, marketing and sales, and all the other vital roles your talented teams play in keeping shelves stocked.

Consumers rely on the goods you produce for the most functional, urgent and rewarding aspects of daily life: that's a huge bond of trust your people are building. And so are we.

Our hiring experts possess key industry knowledge to engage in informed conversations with your candidates. From there, we can assess whether a potential manager has the right experience to meet your needs.


£3 million of tasty savings

Based in the UK, 2 Sisters Food Group turns over £3 billion per year as one of the world's leading food manufacturers.

But with hiring fragmented across 43 sites, and the company relying heavily on outside agencies, a better solution beckoned.

To help optimise their hiring processes, we produced an employer brand video and transformed their social presence. We provided hiring manager interview training, developed candidate information packs, and launched a campus hiring programme.

Starting with 400 candidates in year one, we've since scaled up to place 700 hires. Cost-per-hire fell from £2,100 to £1,300.

Plus, 2 Sisters has saved more than £3 million in agency fees. The number of roles open for more than 50 days has fallen by 20 roles.

We now manage hiring for two subsidiary companies — including Bernard Matthews, producers of poultry products — and are designing a talent solution for Birds Eye frozen foods.

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