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Employer branding

Discover how to make your employer brand pop

The branded workplace: buzz with the best candidates

Workplaces today are creating exclusive employer brands to attract the best people in their industry. It’s no longer a game reserved for the tech giants of the world, but rather the norm for the most competitive organisations in every space.

You may well see your organisation as a great place to work, with a vibrant culture, opportunities for growth, exceptional benefits and more. But do candidates glimpse the same picture?

Paint your employer brand in vivid strokes. An appealing, accessible and authentic employee value proposition (EVP) is key to drawing and retaining top talent in any industry.

Our employer branding experts help optimise candidate and employee communications across all the key touch points: from your careers site, to your social media strategy, to your job fair presence and beyond.

Employer branding is a recruitment strategy that clarifies and shares the values, workplace culture, and business goals of a company.

The essential elements of a high-value employer brand:

  • Authenticity. Build your employer brand on input from your existing employees.
  • Industry and regional focus. What matters most to talent varies across sectors and regions.
  • Alignment with your company brand. A clear connection between your employer brand and customer brand supports authenticity.
  • Accessibility. Your employer brand should be easy to find through your career website, marketing, and social platforms.
  • Actionable analysis. Track the results of your employer brand so you can adjust and improve.

Authentic employer branding helps companies stand out from competitors in a talent-driven market. Top candidates do their research before responding to job postings, and employees monitor their company’s position as an employer.

Having a positive and discoverable employer brand in place gives candidates an understanding of your organisation, which improves employee retention and engagement.

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Browse EVP services

From employer brand strategy, messaging, and value propositions, to brand audits, assessments, and competitor reviews, you choose what you need. Your custom package could also include candidate-and-employee communications and engagement, as well as:

  • Career site development
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Brand communication management
  • Strategy results tracking and reporting

Strong brands drive engagement

Employer branding drives business outcomes through targeted employee engagement. A strategic employer brand can also:

  • Improve quality of hire
  • Build a valued company culture
  • Improve candidate attraction and engagement
  • Reduce hiring costs through improved time-to-fill
  • Enhance employee loyalty, retention and engagement

Regional employer branding

When your business expands into new regions, your employer brand awareness must get there first. Our employer branding teams understand the optimal messaging that attracts candidates in different countries and geographic regions, and the ideal channels to reach skilled talent in your new territory.

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Employer branding in real life

automotive red


A luxury European automaker engaged us to launch a nationwide careers-specific websiteand social recruiting programs. The program drives an additional 1,000 applicants on average per month.

pharma medication red


After an industry scandal, a global pharmaceutical giant struggled with hiring. We presented research on overcoming negative publicity and made recommendations on better candidate communications.

education training red


A world-renowned automaker needed to increase enrollment for its mechanic training programs. We built a website and deployed social recruiting. With this momentum, class registration jumped from 60 per cent to 91 per cent.

manufacturing red


A global paper manufacturer needed a competitive hiring edge. We provided recommendations based on analysis of online presence and employer value propositions.

media advertising red


A global digital media agency needed to develop a competitive edge to attract top digital media talent. We conducted an employer brand competitive analysis and provided recommendations.

life sciences med device red

Medical device technology

A major organisation was struggling to fill machinist and sales roles in a key region. We undertook detailed competitor analysis and provided actionable recommendations to senior leadership.

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