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Managed service provider (MSP)

Discover the clever way to streamline your contingent workforce

Stay competitive and agile with flexible talent

In rapidly changing industries and marketplaces, flexible talent keeps companies lean and competitive. A robust contingent workforce is key.

Our managed service provider (MSP) solution helps small and mid-size companies make the smartest, most effective use of their contingent workforce spend.

To optimise your organisation’s talent supply, our MSP specialists vet and manage flexible workforce vendors. You’ll gain rapid access to task-ready contractors who can provide services either independently or through a statement of work.

We can also help you with urgent requirements for gig workers and freelancers, putting you in contact with extra support when it's needed most.

The MSP solution controls vendor costs and mitigates contingent talent risks. It also helps ensure labour law compliance at local and global levels.

A managed service provider (MSP) helps organisations manage their regional or global contingent workforce. An MSP partner provides:

  • Flexible talent vendor and budget oversight.
  • Flexible talent compliance expertise.
  • Contingent workforce recruitment, onboarding, off-boarding, tracking, and engagement.
  • Flexible talent process improvements.

A managed service provider is the right choice for recruitment when you lack a cohesive contingent workforce strategy. Common flexible talent issues that benefit from an MSP:

  • Lack of talent vendor oversight.
  • Rising flexible workforce costs regionally or globally.
  • Labour law and regulatory compliance.
  • Changeable contingent talent needs.

The difference between a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution and a managed service provider (MSP) solution is that MSP falls under the umbrella of RPO. You may partner with an RPO for an exclusive contingent workforce solution, or an MSP engagement may be one of several solutions your RPO partner provides.

A robust talent pipeline

An MSP solution grants you access to a robust talent pipeline. The support of a dedicated onsite or virtual MSP team allows you to focus on contingent workforce optimisation. MSP solutions also enable: 

  • Evaluation of flexible talent engagement
  • Streamlined onboarding and off-boarding
  • Invoice consolidation and payroll management 
  • Flexible talent tracking across your organisation
  • Rigorous flexible talent vendor selection and oversight 
  • Implementation of contractor management technology 
  • Customised contingent workforce strategies based on industry insights 
  • Labour law compliance for single-location companies and multinationals 

Discover the benefits of MSP

From reduced workforce costs, to better management information (MI) data, MSP can move your team forward.

MSP solutions provide:

  • Lower flexible workforce costs 
  • Contingent workforce intelligence 
  • Improved access to contingent talent 
  • Efficient contingent workforce onboarding and management 
  • Continuous compliance with fast-changing labor laws and regulations 
  • Contractor MI data capture and analysis, or contractor MI data reporting 
  • Workforce agility and scalability to meet business, industry and market variables
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Entice top contractors

With the rapid rise of a contingent workforce, independent contractors are a key employer branding audience.

An employer branding strategist can help showcase your brand across industries and geographies.

With customised messaging and engagement, draw top-quality independent talent for current projects, while building a contingent workforce pipeline.

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