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Project RPO

Deliver high-value results against short-term challenges

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Outsourcing Recruitment Has Many Advantages

Imagine your organisation has just won a government grant, and you now need to fill 50 key roles or risk losing the funding.

What's your plan?

That was the very predicament one of our clients faced when they engaged us for RPO project support. We responded nimbly. Our ability to fill the roles in less than 30 days opened the door to an engagement of ongoing off-site sourcing support.

Project RPO is tremendously flexible. If you need to recruit 40 sales people in three months, or have a handful of hard-to-fill technologist roles, project RPO can help. It can also be used to quickly secure a core group of plant operators for your new facility, to name but a few examples.

RPO projects are all about speed to impact. They are designed for quick implementation and ease of delivery to give you an innovative recruiting solution in as little as two weeks. Timely and cost effective, the average RPO project typically lasts between three to six months. It can involve on-site or remote support.

Tackle your specific hiring project from beginning to end.

RPO projects can help reduce urgent hiring backlogs. Plus, they can help you fill future vacancies by enhancing your talent database. Project recruitment is the sprinter of recruitment – lightning-fast and usually short-term.

Examples of when project recruitment is the most valuable solution:

  • Chronic hiring backlogs that only seem to grow.
  • Expansions into new sales territories or markets
  • New organisational initiatives
  • New product launches
  • Gaps in your hiring process (e.g., sourcing or interview scheduling)

Flexible recruiting solutions manage pressing talent acquisition tasks so that companies can focus on long-range goals and employee engagement. A flexible recruitment partnership gives you the backup you need during critical growth phases and unexpected hiring demands.

Flexible recruitment also helps with hiring backlogs, hard-to-fill roles, and hiring process problems – which take a toll on talent quality, current employee morale, and business outcomes.

Project RPO can help you respond quickly to unforeseen or unplanned volume hiring needs. It can also improve diversity-recruitment balance and reduce overall time-to-hire.

Project RPO can also:

  • Measure specific objectives
  • Improve your employer brand image
  • Reduce fixed overheads and redundancy costs
  • Give access to active, passive, and hidden candidates

Want to test drive RPO?

An RPO project can help you explore whether a longer-term outsourced recruitment solution suits your organisation.

Think of RPO projects like a test drive, with enough fuel to complete some urgent errands.

Chances are, you'll discover key benchmarks for your future recruitment strategy.


RPO projects in real life

pharma medication red

Bio pharmaceutical

A big organisation had 60 unfilled roles for scientists and microbiologists, thus delaying delivery of critical products. We filled all roles two months early.

education training red


A luxury car maker needed to increase enrolment for its mechanic training programs. We built a website and deployed social recruiting. Class registration jumped from 60 per cent to 91 per cent.

banking finance red

Financial services

A global financial services organisation lacked brand recognition in a new market. This was hampering their ability to draw talent. We generated candidate awareness and hired top-tier talent by the client’s deadline.

healthcare caduceus symbol red


A start-up healthcare call centre had no name or office location, but urgently required new hires. We designed a process, deployed technology, and hired more than 100 people in three months.

hospitality red


We filled 56 sales and analyst roles in three months for a global online travel company. The client then engaged us to fill more than 100 more global positions.

pharma medication red


A major global pharmaceuticals company needed to expand its dermatology sales team by 136 people. Within 90 days, we filled 100 per cent of the roles.

Try active talent pools

Do you regularly need candidates for the same role?

A virtual sourcing network creates active talent pools of qualified candidates who, based on predictive analytics, may consider changing careers. We manage candidate identification, qualification, and engagement.

For one client, an active talent pool of 150 candidates doubled hiring success over three months.

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