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Sourcing services

Discover stars of talent hidden within the galaxy

Sourcing: where others hide, we seek

Building and sustaining relationships with the market’s most talented people, even when they’re not looking to change roles: that’s the key to effective sourcing.

But it isn’t easy. There are time zones to consider, language differences to overcome and new cultural mindsets to learn and project.

Spotting and nurturing elite talent is 24/7 work. And if you go it alone, other business priorities are likely to suffer.

Many senior executives need sourcing support to ensure they can remain focused on other strategic business initiatives. They delight in knowing that extra sourcing power can be turned higher or lower, depending on current business needs.


Sourcing excellence

Our flagship Sourcing Centre of Excellence (SCE) connects you with top global talent. We speak English, Dutch, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Slovakian, Urdu, and Cantonese.

Our sourcers use market-leading search technology to map candidate pools and identify exceptional candidates who may otherwise remain undiscovered. Big data technology helps us deep-dive into how candidates and competitors operate in your market.

Subscription sourcing levels the playing field

Talent drives business growth. But how can smaller organisations compete against well-known, larger companies with deeper pockets and in-house recruitment?

Subscription sourcing is the answer. We scour the market to handpick and recommend elite talent. All you need to do is the interview and onboarding. Subscription sourcing is ideal for 30 to 60 hires per year, but can be used to hire as few as ten people per year.

Subscription sourcing can:

  • Reduce total costs by up to 50 per cent
  • Significantly reduce time-to-hire
  • Be rolled out within six weeks

Pick-and-mix talent sourcing

Your talent sourcing solution can include language services to improve candidate communications. It can also help you with:

  • Candidate longlisting
  • Industry-specific sourcing
  • Candidate management and tracking
  • Talent mapping, sourcing and pipelining
  • Onsite or offsite sourcing team capabilities

Value-driven strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing doesn't just uncover great talent for your organisation. It also generates a higher volume of skilled, at-the-ready talent. Value-driven sourcing also enables:

  • Streamlined hiring
  • Access to niche talent
  • Lowered agency costs
  • Increased hiring speed

Constructing top talent

Faced with paying a premium for ex-pat hiring, Caterpillar sought to significantly improve their recruitment strategy. They sought to reduce costs while finding top candidates.

Our strategy starts with building relationships with highly skilled students from Africa and the Middle East. These students, who are earning degrees in Europe, are tapped to fill head office and regional roles after graduating. Caterpillar is now set to double its hiring levels.

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